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Entrust Energy: A “different” energy company

Entrust Energy is a privately-owned residential electricity provider dedicated to serving homeowners across the United States who are seeking competitive rates and excellent customer service. Our Customer Care Center is located in Texas, where our customer care associates provide our customers with first-class quality personalized assistance reinforcing our commitment to upholding the highest of standards in customer service. At Entrust Energy, we believe "different" is a good thing. We are dedicated to offering an alternative to business as usual with a new and different experience for customers.

Our mission is to change how business is done by providing competitive residential electricity rates along with a positive customer experience every time. Our unique customer-centric approach is based on transparency, honesty and integrity. There are so many electricity and natural gas providers in the market, but choosing a provider doesn't have to be complicated. Entrust Energy offers several competitive, straightforward pricing plans and customer care associates that are there to provide support to you every step of the way.

We offer decades years of combined industry experience, outstanding customer service and competitive rates.

The idea to create an electricity and natural gas provider that offers an alternative to "business as usual" has always been our mission. So, what makes us knowledgeable enough to know what needs to change? The answer is simple: Experience. The founders at Entrust Energy have several decades of combined experience in the energy industry. We understand that to be successful - in every sense of the word - we must have satisfied customers, employees and partners. When we created the company, we knew it was imperative to focus in on what existing providers did well and what needed improvement but also how we could stand out from the competition. We'd been there and we knew the challenges. The answer, we realized, was not about forcing change where it wasn't welcomed. Our previous experience was invaluable in the development of our goals. And it all kept coming back to transparency and integrity. To truly make a difference, we needed to start from scratch. And so, Entrust Energy, a "different” energy company, was born. Our corporate office is located in Houston, Texas and we serve most deregulated areas in the United States.

Entrust Energy is here for you and here to stay

At every touch point, Entrust Energy is working to provide you with a positive customer experience as your residential and commercial energy company. We are excited to be here and proud to be part of a company that is willing to make a difference. It's time to raise the bar. It's time for a change. Enter your zip code below to view our affordable electricity rates in your area.

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The Entrust Energy difference means: It’s about treating our customers with respect. We are Entrust Energy. No games. No gimmicks. Just quality service. It’s Time for a Change!

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