Moving to another location

Moving can be stressful, here's a few tips to make it a little simpler.
Moving checklist

Moving is as exciting as it is overwhelming. While thoughts of new adventures circle your mind, apprehension about everything coming together seamlessly can be paralyzing. The most important first step is to make a plan. Once you’ve laid out your moving plan, work your way down the checklist, and before you know it, you’ll be on the road to your happily ever after. Here are some guidelines to get you started on your big move.

Two Months Out

Settle Your Business
Make sure you take some time to wrap up loose ends. Aim to begin this process at least one month out from the move.

  • Schedule your gas, electric, cable and phone services to be stopped at your current address and set-up at your new address. 
  • Give your employer a two-week notice (if this move means leaving your job), and contact your children’s schools to let them know your kids won’t be returning. 
  • Make sure you have hard copies of all the records you need, including both school and medical records. 
  • Schedule final medical appointments. Once you move it may take some time to find new doctors.
  • Notify your landlord that you’re moving out.
  • Schedule your change of address with the post office.

Prepare for New Living Costs
Moving to a new state means your annual costs and taxes will change. 

  • Will you be living in an HOA? Fees vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. When you’re looking for a place to live, be aware of annual HOA fees.
  • Find out what your potential property tax rates are.

One Week Out
Tie up loose ends and load up the moving truck.

  • Clean your home or apartment so it looks like new. Dust floorboards, clean out your fridge and freezer, and make sure your bathrooms are suitable for the new occupants. Cleaning companies often specialize in “move-out” cleaning, and hiring someone else to do the job will free you up for other tasks.
  • Pack your necessities in easy-to-find duffle bags or labeled boxes. You don’t want your phone charger, toothbrush or other essentials to go missing in the middle of a stressful move.
  • Load your truck or containers. If you’re loading them yourself, start with the heaviest furniture and appliances. Keep some camping chairs with you so you’ve got somewhere to sit on your last few days, and in your first few days in the new home.

Moving is a huge life event, and Entrust Energy is here to help it go as seamlessly as possible. Find out how we take the stress out of moving. 


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