Daryl Lawrence

VP Sales, Marketing and Customer Experience

“To stay relevant and successful in modern marketing, there is an ever-present element of innovation. Innovation of thought, and innovation of product.”
-Daryl Lawrence, VP Marketing

Since 2017, Daryl Lawrence has served as VP of Marketing for Entrust Energy, working hard to be a strategic and cultural leader within the company. With a keen focus on innovation, Daryl combines entrepreneurial thinking with business-management skills to drive remarkable results in customer growth, market share and profit generation.
Daryl has more than 15 years of sales & marketing experience in the energy industry, working with companies of every size and scale in the European, Canadian, and American markets.  He is proud to have consistently delivered outstanding sales results while working within one of the world’s largest integrated energy companies—Centrica. 

A UK native, Daryl came to Houston in 2012, where he now resides with his wife, Amanda, and their 2 children, Maggie-Mae and Frankie.