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Yes you can. We offer move-in options that are flexible and allow you to schedule your future connection up to 60 days.
No. We want to make transferring services as convenient as possible. You keep your logins and account information. You will receive a new account number for your new address. You will be able to select the account number in My Account.
Autopay and paperless billing will transfer to your new address. You can also contact customer care by phone or chat for help or to answer any questions.
In most cases your deposit will transfer to your new address. Customer care is here to help if you have any questions.
You will be responsible for any remaining balance that is outstanding on your current address. Your utility company in most cases charge a move-in-fee to establish service at your new location. Your first bill will reflect this fee. In some cases a permit may be required, which could also add additional fees for new service.
No. But we will do everything we can to accommodate your preferred stop date. For example, if your meter is not accessible, we can’t guarantee your start date. Please keep in mind that any energy consumed is your responsibility until services have been stopped. We recommend turning off all appliances so you don’t incur more charges. Customer care can help during this transition.
No. The dates can be different.  Customer care can help during this transition.
A transfer of service request will still be needed to establish service in your name. Keep in mind that the previous customer’s move-out request could be canceled at any time. In some cases, you could be without service for up to three business days.
No problem. If you are moving within our service area, you can transfer online easily. Our customer care team is also here to help. We can help you transfer your service quickly by calling  800.871.8100.
Consumption of electricity varies by customer. Depending on which type of plan you choose, weather temperatures, efficiency of your home, your usage, electricity supply and demand and many other factors, your bill can reflect different costs. We want you to have the best plan for your needs, so don’t hesitate to ask for our help!

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