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1301 McKinney, Suite 2950, Houston, TX 77010

If you have been disconnected due to non-payment, contact one of our Customer Care Associates toll-free at 1.800.871.8100. We’re available Monday – Friday 8am–7pm and Saturday 10am–2pm CST.
Once you have paid your outstanding balance, your service will be reconnected. See the Payment FAQs to learn more about Entrust Energy bill payment.
If your disconnection is not related to a non-payment issue (i.e. you want to report a power outage), please contact your local transmission and distribution utility (TDU):

Houston and Surrounding Areas:
CenterPoint Energy, 713.207.2222 or 1.800.332.7143 Texas New Mexico Power, 1.8888.886.7456

South Texas
AEP Texas Central Company, 1.866.223.8508
Dallas/Ft.Worth and Surrounding Areas
Oncor Electric Delivery, 1.888.313.4747
Texas New Mexico Power, 1.888.886.7456

West Texas
AEP Texas North Company, 1.866.223.8508
Oncor Electric Delivery, 1.888.313.4747
Texas New Mexico Power, 1.888.886.7456

A premium charge may be applied by the TDU to turn on your meter outside of normal business hours.

TDU Delivery Charges Per Month & TDU Delivery Charges Per kWh will be passed through to customer as billed from the Transmission & Distribution Utility (TDU). To learn more, click here.
With Entrusts Energy Usage Reports, you'll find extensive details regarding your energy usage over two weeks, broken into daily consumption. You'll see how things like weather affect your usage which puts you in a powerful position to be able to control your costs more effectively.

Start receiving your report via email every week. Register on MyAccount and you’re automatically enrolled!  Questions about the report? You can reach us here.
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