Commercial Variable Price History


Historical Month to Month Rates

Monthly Default Plan

AEP Texas Central (AEPC)AEP Texas North (AEPN)CenterPoint (CNP)

Oncor (ONC)

Texas New Mexico Power (TNMP)
Oct 2019$0.148$0.137$0.106$0.111$0.134
Sep 2019$0.156$0.145$0.116$0.121$0.144
Aug 2019$0.164$0.156$0.124$0.128$0.152
Jul 2019$0.174$0.166$0.134$0.138$0.162
Jun 2019$0.159$0.151$0.122$0.123$0.147
May 2019$0.149$0.141$0.112$0.113$0.137
Apr 2019$0.149$0.141$0.112$0.113 $0.137
Mar 2019$0.132$0.137$0.105$0.107$0.134
Feb 2019$0.141$0.138$0.108$0.108$0.127
Jan 2019$0.145$0.144$0.114$0.114$0.133
Dec 2018$0.147
Nov 2018$0.133$0.135$0.104$0.104$0.145

*Prices are based on average usage of 1,000 kWh.

Your average price for electricity service will vary according to your usage.

Please see the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) for other pricing information.