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What to Wear When it's Hot and Miserable Outside

Author: Entrust Energy

Date: August 14, 2018


Don’t waste your energy searching for the right summer style. Stay cool and comfortable with our tips for the best summertime apparel choices.

Choose fabrics that breathe

Natural fabrics tend to breathe much better than synthetic fabrics, allowing air to flow around your skin and create a cooling effect. Cotton and linen are both top choices for summer-wear. Polyester is your enemy in the summer months. If you wear it, be prepared for sweaty misery.

Wear loose clothing

A science experiment found that the color of your clothing (light vs. dark) is less important than the fit of your clothing when it comes to staying cool. Flaunt the colors you love, but wear pieces that are flowy and loose for maximum cooling potential. Think sundresses and loose shirts, and put away the skinny jeans until winter rolls around.

Protect your feet

Unfortunately, fungus thrives in hot, moist environments. Groan. Keep your feet fungus-free and healthy by following a few simple guidelines this summer: 

  • Wear flip-flops in public showers, locker rooms and pool decks.
  • Avoid tight footwear, especially when worn without socks.
  • Wear clean, cotton socks. If they get damp or sweaty, have a change of dry socks ready.

Wear a hat

Wide-brimmed hats are on trend, and there are plenty of looks to choose from for both men and women. Along with upping your style-factor, you’ll get the added benefit of facial sun protection. Sun exposure plays a huge role in the premature aging of skin, so investing in a wide-brimmed hat could also be an investment in youthful skin. 

Smart office apparel

If you work in an office, it may be tough to find work-appropriate clothing that doesn’t make you melt the second you step outside your home. Ladies, look for lightweight camisoles or tanks that can be paired with a cardigan or blazer once you arrive at the office. Men, polo shirts are a go-to summer staple. Pair a colorful polo with nice slacks, a sleek watch and stylish shoes to have a professional overall look. 

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