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TDU Delivery Charges

Author: Entrust Energy

Date: June 29, 2018

Use the following formula to calculate the TDU Delivery Charges billed:
(application charges based on customer usage and current meter read date of invoice)
TDU Delivery charges - [Total TDU Delivery Charges Per Month + (Total TDU Delivery Charges Per kWh * Monthly Billed kWh Usage)]

Example: If CNP charges for the month are a flat fee of $5.49 + 0.038711/kWh then:

(CNTP TDU @ 1,000 kWh Usage): [$5.49 + (0.038711 * 1,000 kWh)] = $44.20

TDU fees are determined and assessed by the TDSP for your area, and Entrust Energy passes them through to customers without adding any mark-up. For more information on fees and definitions, visit these sites:


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