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Save your energy and improve productivity with these techy solutions

Author: Entrust Energy

Date: November 30, 2018

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Energy. It’s something we all want to conserve, whether it’s our energy consumption at home or the physical and mental energy we exert daily. Luckily, there are literally thousands of ways to utilize tech to our advantage, saving us time and helping us direct our energy toward the things that matter most. Here are a few of our favorite tools and hacks.

Virtual Assistant

Let’s face it. Most of us don’t have the budget to afford a real assistant. The tech geniuses at Amazon realized this, and created the virtual assistant we all know as “Alexa” within their smart speaker products (like the Echo and the Echo Dot). Alexa is the assistant that will be there when you need her, but doesn’t require a salary. Ask her to schedule appointments, remind you of information, set timers, make phone calls and create to-do lists among many other timesaving capabilities. 

Task Management

Sometimes the weekly task lists are so long, it’s hard to juggle everything you’ve got on your plate (or—more accurately—plates). Todoist,, Wunderlist and Evernote are all tried-and-true favorite task management apps. If you’re in the mood to try something quirkier, check out Habitica (where you gamify your tasks) or Ike (a colorful and lighthearted way to focus your day).

Time Management

One moment you’re totally focused on a project, the next you’ve found yourself browsing social media or thirty-minutes deep into your favorite news site. Not to worry. There are many apps available that help you see where you’re spending your time, and also track hours spent on billable projects for clients. Manic Time, Rescue Time, Moment (tracks your iPhone screen time) and Time Doctor (team-focused productivity) are all popular apps that will help you stay on task, and stop wasting time.

Meal Planning

When you’ve got a busy schedule, the last thing you feel like doing is sorting out dinner. Meal planning apps can help you find meals that you and your family will love, create grocery lists, eat healthy, save recipes and more. All of this saves you energy and stress, so mealtime can be enjoyed properly. Favorite meal-planning apps include Mealime, MealBoard, MealPlan, Paprika Recipe Manager and FoodPlanner.

Mobile Grocery Shopping

There’s an app for nearly everything, including grocery shopping. If you’re held back at the office, coming in late after a vacation, taking care of sick kids or just don’t have time to wander around the grocery store, many grocers offer virtual shopping and curbside pickup for a small fee. Kroger offers ClickList, H-E-B has Curbside, Target offers DriveUp and Wal-mart Grocery provides online grocery ordering with free pickup (check your local store for participation).

Chrome Extensions

If you’re a Google Chrome user, then you’ve got plenty of options to increase your productivity, and save you time. Boomerang for Gmail lets you schedule emails. Write them at a time convenient to you, schedule the day and time of delivery, and be on your merry way. Checker Plus has several extensions, including one for Gmail and one for Google Drive. The former alerts you to new emails in your toolbar, where you can also read and reply to them (Gmail doesn’t even have to be open). The latter allows you to browse Google docs or sheets from the toolbar. Is Facebook sucking up your time? Add Feed Eradicator to replace your entire Facebook news feed with an inspirational quote. If you’re a glutton for multiple tabs, use OneTab to convert all your open tabs into a shareable list. Save to Pocket also helps you stay on task by saving articles you’re interested in, so you can read them later.

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