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Entrust Says Office's Murals Honor Local Artists, Spirit of Houston

Author: Entrust Energy

Date: June 26, 2018

Entrust Energy is a privately owned residential electricity provider dedicated to serving homeowners across the United States who are seeking competitive rates and excellent customer service. Our mission is to offer an alternative to “business as usual” which means doing the right thing in all areas of our company.

We relocated our corporate offices in March and, as proud Houstonians wanted to showcase the best of Houston’s public street art throughout our office and on our conference room walls. Because many of the iconic street art pieces in Houston are photographed and shared regularly on social media, some with geotags, we thought they would fall under “transformative fair use” and be perfect murals to decorate our office walls.

In our offices, we made sure to respectfully display the artists’ names on the wall murals for full credit. However, in recent days two artists have verbalized their concerns that preauthorization was not given and have asked us to provide a resolution. We are a company that believes in doing the right thing and are in the process of working with all the artists to find a solution. However, if we are unable to reach a solution, we will remove the images at their request.

We are committed to the arts in Houston and believe that the arts are what makes Houston great. To demonstrate our commitment, we are working with the Houston Art Alliance to form a partnership in which contributions can be made.


Thank you,


Mike Beck – President/CEO 

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