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Dress for Success…From Home

Author: Entrust Energy

Date: November 30, 2018

unwrapping box of clothes
Clothes shopping can be a huge hassle, wasting valuable time that you’d rather spend elsewhere. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available that allow you to purchase new clothes without the hassle of wasting hours at the mall. These companies will dress you from the comfort of your own home, saving you time and energy…and maybe even some cash.

Stitch Fix | Men & Women
Perhaps the most well-known clothing subscription company, Stitch Fix sends 5 pieces—from dresses and shoes, to jewelry and more. Your stylist chooses pieces based on your personal preferences, and you can keep all or none. A 20% discount is offered for keeping all 5. Send back what you don’t want within three days, and provide your stylist with feedback if they missed the mark. No monthly subscription required. 

Cost: $20 styling fee |

Urbane Box | Men & Women
This subscription provides 2 to 3 items, for a flat fee of $60. Your stylist puts together a customized box for you based on your style profile. You can cancel your subscription at any time, and shipping is always free. 

Cost: $60 |

Trunk Club | Men & Women
Trunk Club is a Nordstrom clothing subscription service, and you can actually earn Nordstrom rewards while using it. Your stylist, with whom you can talk to online or in person, will build a custom box for you. Before they send your items, you will get an email showing the pieces selected for you, and you can approve or decline. You can also choose how often you’d like to receive your packages. 

Cost: $25 styling fee |

LeTote | Women Only
This service provides rent or buy options. You pay the monthly fee, and either rent the clothing for a limited time (for work or special occasions, etc.), or purchase the items you just can’t part with. Every month your stylist puts together a new “tote” of clothing and accessories, which you can look over before it ships. Shipping is free, and you can cancel anytime.

Cost: Starts at $69/month |

Natalie Attired | Women Only
This service works basically the same as Stitch Fix. They have sizes 2–22 available, and will send you 5 pieces each month, based on your style profile. They even offer the same 20% discount as Stich Fix for keeping all 5 items. Send back what you don’t like, shipping is always free.

Cost: $20 styling fee |

Menlo Club | Men Only
Men will receive a curated box of clothing, shoes, or accessories every month. The box contains 2–3 items from the brands Five Four, Grand AC, and New Republic. Membership can be paused for up to 3 months.

Cost: $60 |

Frank and Oak | Men & Women
After providing your personal style and sizing profile, a stylist will hand select items for you. You can even preview your custom box before it ships. There is no monthly fee, and the $25 styling fee is credited to any of the items you choose to purchase. Pay only for what you keep, and enjoy free shipping and returns. You can skip months, or cancel at anytime. 

Cost: $25 styling fee |

Elizabeth and Clarke | Women Only
If you really want to up your professional attire game, Elizabeth and Clarke is a good place to start. The service provides a blouse or suit subscription (depending on your preference) every three months, to coincide with seasonal collections. You will be refunded for any items you don’t want.

Cost: Starts at $40/shirt with premium subscription |

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