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Co-worker Gift Guide

Author: Entrust Energy

Date: December 21, 2018

Christmas present in silver with a bow and garland
It’s always tricky finding the right gift for your coworkers, but our list of fantastic ideas will make the task much easier this year!

A planner or calendar 
A nice planner or attractive calendar is always useful. We recommend the popular Panda Planner, or this beautiful national parks calendar

Everyone loves food, so you really can’t go wrong here. Meat and cheese baskets are popular, as are fruit baskets, and gourmet popcorn tins. If they have a sweet tooth, they’ll definitely enjoy Fairytale Brownies.

Gourmet coffee and tumbler
Everyone at work could use more energy, so why not gift your coworkers with caffeine? Try this gourmet coffee sampler, along with a nice tumbler, or this all-in-one French press.
Office supplies
No, we don’t mean boring, humdrum office supplies. Gift something fun and out of the ordinary to spruce up their office space. For example, a cassette tape pencil holder/tape dispenser, this hand magnetic pencil holder, a whimsical Albert Einstein magnetic paperclip holder, this novelty Answer Desk sign, or a personalized bobble head.

Desk blanket
Some office spaces are notoriously cold. If that’s your office space, consider gifting this cozy blanket that’s stylish, and not too big for desk use. 

Wine or beer
Does your co-worker love wine or craft brews? Gift a specialty wine or beer, and add in an accessory, like a fun beer stein or wine decanter.

Personalized stationary
With the advent of the Internet, written notes are a dying art. Bring them back by gifting a beautiful, personalized stationary set.

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