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7 Places in Texas to see Breathtaking Fall Leaves

Author: Entrust Energy

Date: October 17, 2018

When you think of colorful fall foliage, you might imagine quaint tree-lined streets in New England. Thankfully, Texans don’t have to fly across the US to see one of nature’s most colorful shows. Within a day’s drive—depending on where in Texas you live—you can enjoy all the beauty of fall in its brightly colored splendor.

Lost Maples State Park
Perhaps the state’s most popular destination for leaf peeping, the Uvalde bigtooth maples are the stars of the show. Visitors from across the state come to enjoy bright red, yellow, and orange foliage every autumn. 
Best time to visit: Early to Mid November

Guadalupe River State Park
The reflections of deep red sumac, vivid yellow cottonwood, colorful sycamore, and flaming orange cypress leaves along the river provide a sensory experience you won’t want to miss.
Best time to visit: Early to Mid November

Garner State Park
Enjoy the stunning, brilliant leaves of oak and cypress trees as you kayak along the Frio River, or walk along the many miles of hiking trails. Either way you’re sure to have a breathtaking experience. 
Best time to visit: Late October

Sabine National Forest & Angelina National Forest
Travel between these two forests in East Texas for an afternoon of laid-back leaf peeping. Spend some time walking the parks, and take a slow drive along highway 103. Sweetgum and maple trees are the predominant showstoppers.
Best time to visit: Mid November

Daingerfield State Park 
Nestled in the piney woods of northeast Texas you will find an array of brilliant, flaming red and gold foliage. Sweetgum, oak, and maple trees tower above, and reflect across the lake. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the show.
Best time to visit: End of October to End of November

Caddo Lake State Park
Caddo Lake is famously gorgeous all-year round thanks to its mystical cypress trees, but fall provides an even more unique experience. Warm yellow and orange leaves are best enjoyed from on the water. Boat rentals and tours are available.
Best time to visit: Mid to Late November

Tyler State Park
Dogwood, oak, sweetgum, and maple trees are adorned in leaves ranging from deep crimson red to glowing gold. Enhance your experience by following Lakeshore Trail around the lake, and witness the vivid colors magnified as they reflect across the water. 
Best time to visit: Late November


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