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5 Ways to Cut Your Summer Energy Bills

Author: Entrust Energy

Date: June 26, 2018

Beat the heat and cut your energy bill!

1. Stop vampire power

Vampire power is the energy produced from some electronics and appliances even though they’re turned off.

Power can still be drawn even if something like your tv or phone charger is off. An easy way to spot vampire power is to check and see if there’s a light or clock lit up on the display. It may seem like a small amount of energy but if you add up all the items in your home that qualify, it could be significant.

The fix? Plug those items into a surge protector and switch the protector to off to power down everything at once.

2. Drop the temp

Have a programmable thermostat? How about actually programming it? Don’t have one? Raise the temp in your house when you walk out the door. Make it a part of your morning routine and watch it become a habit. A good rule of thumb is set it at 78 when you’re home and move to 85 when you’re gone. Another tip on dropping the temperature is to use a fan. Turn it on, increase the temp by 4 degrees and you won’t feel a difference. Remember that fans cool people, not rooms so turn them off when you’re not home. Watch this for more tips:


3. Wash full loads

When it comes to dishwashers and washing machines, only run them when you have a full load. You’re going to use the same amount of energy to run them through the cycle and you’ll run them less so filling them up is the efficient solution.

4. Change your a/c filter

If your filter is clogged, your a/c unit isn’t running at full efficiency. Change your filter on a regular basis so your a/c doesn’t have to work as hard.

5. Install window film

Tired of remembering to shut the blinds and close the curtains? Cover your windows with film and keep out heat while still being able to enjoy the sunshine. Best of all, you can get a kit to install it yourself and save even more money.


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