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5 Planners to Help Keep You Focused in the New Year

Author: Entrust Energy

Date: February 07, 2019

2019 goals journal with pen and coffee blue background
Keep the stride going with your newly set goals for the new year. Read on to see a list of planners built to  keep you on track and organized. test

1. Passion Planner
The Passion Planner was started by one person, Angelia Trinidad, right out of college in 2012. Her planner helps you simplify your life and focus on what really matters. With space to map out the future, reflect on the past and act on the present, this planner is designed to be your paper life coach. Daily motivational quotes lend inspiration and help you set the tone and focus on the day in front of you. A monthly overview helps you see the entire month lined out and also allows you to reflect and see everything you accomplished in one view. To top it off this company functions as a Give One, Get One organization. That means for every planner that’s purchased, another one is given to someone in need. What’s better is you don’t need to spend any money to get started. Give their free downloads a whirl and see what you think before you buy. Tip: join their mailing list and watch for sales. They run them frequently. Shop now.
Cost: $30-35

2. 360 Disc Planner
If you’re looking for a whole planning system, this is the one for you. The goal with this planner is to live with intention and do it in a productive way. With the help of a podcast, a course and a paper planning system, this will take you from not knowing what your passion is to identifying your true priorities, uncovering your purpose, creating effective routines and make progress toward your goals with confidence. This is the most expensive one on our list but it’s also the most comprehensive. If you’re the kind of person who likes a lot of support and accountability, this will work best for you.
Cost: $997 (entire course), $57-67 (planner only)

3. The Living Well Planner
This planner comes from Ruth of Living Well Spending Less. It’s designed to help you easily manage all the aspects of your life, not just your schedule. Learn how to take time to plan and focus on long-term goals. By tracking your health, planning your meals, organizing your schedule you can crush your goals. Take views from a yearly, monthly and hourly perspective, you’ll be able to plan out your days in order to hit your goals. Want to take it for a spin, check out a 3D view.
Cost: $49

4. PUSH Journal
The PUSH Journal is an all-in-one life planner that works off a 90 day goal-setting system. The proven method touts you can reach 1 year goals in 90 days or less. With assessments that help define areas in your life that are lacking, you’ll end up tracking progress toward your one ‘PUSH’ goal to bring things back into balance. Included in the daily goals are nutrition and workouts along with how much sleep you’re getting and how much water you’re drinking. It’s an all encompassing system that focuses on the one thing you really want to achieve. The journals come in either a 1 pack (for 30 days) or a 3 pack (for 90 days).
Cost: $37.95 - $68.95

5. Bullet Journal
The analog method for the digital age. This journal is a system and a practice. Through creating bulleted lists you’ll learn how to track and manage the important things in your life. The book explains how to use the journal to live an intentional life. The notebook is what you’ll use to track goals and progress. The app helps you further for those times you’re away from your notebook. There is a guide within the notebook that explains the everything you need to get started, but if you like to dig into things a bit deeper, the book will satisfy that for you. It will walk you through how to track the past, order the present and design the future.
Tip: Subscribe to their newsletter and get the first two chapters of The Bullet Journal Method book and a reference guide for free.
Cost: $15.60 (book), $24.95 (notebook)

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